Our history

This project arises from the considered need that one day Lorenzo felt to undertake a professional turn along with the desire to combine his three great passions: drive, travel and help others to start their own life project.

Voluntarily leaving behind a position of responsibility in the management of clients of a prestigious insurer, with a guaranteed good income, and starting to deliver the packages of a large e-commerce company with a van, was everything. a change that stimulated Lorenzo's restless visionary mind with yearning for innovation. How excited to see the faces of the people when the long-awaited package arrived! Actually, it wasn't handing out items. It was giving away dreams!

Suddenly, the idea was there: why not make those dreams big for more people? To those people who need to move an object that will make them happy. Or to those others who value it and change their life towards another approach and in another place. Stories, so many interesting life stories…

«Let's give it a twist to the current model of local delivery and removals to catapult the service into the 21st century, which it needs»,Lorenzo thought.

«Let us offer an agile, easy, flexible, serious, efficient, and personalized service that no drone or robot can do better and let's do our bit for collective well-being by assisting those who cannot easily transport their latest whim or move to a new, promising life that begins somewhere else? Wouldn't that be a nice project?»

And meanwhile, between carrying and moving, moving and transporting, hauling and carrying, all this racket that Lorenzo has set up was born.

If you want to know how his story unfolds, we'll take it to you and tell you about it...

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Some recent moves

Company registered in Volume 41539, Book 0, Folio 112, Section 8, Sheet M 736023 with CIF: B42847129. Paseo de la Estación, s/n. Getafe, 28904 Madrid.